April 13, 2011

Leaked Windows 8 screenshots - Windows App Store!

The below Windows 8 images were leaked more than a month ago, sourced from milestone builds of Windows 8, show the Windows App Store.

In addition to hosting Microsoft software like Office 2010, we will also be able to download compatible third-party apps, share gift coupons etc.,
The interface resembles much with the Apple App Store, Mac App Store, and the Chrome Web Store, and so its layout has been criticized for being repetitive and not unique.

As the images are from a build, we can expect more changes before the actual release.

Source: Digit

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System restarts automatically? [Check out y!]

Sometimes, when you start your PC, it restarts automatically after the welcome screen, and when the system starts again, it shows a message stating that the "system has recovered from a serious error". Many-a-time, even while working on the system, it restarts abruptly.That's so frustrating, isn't it?
Here is exactly what might be the problem. An additional impact might also be on the audio,video such as "unable to hear audio" which can also be fixed in the same way:

First and foremost, do the following steps urgently:
  • Re-install the Audio driver (If its an audio issue as well) 
  • Check for the viruses and eliminate them 
  • Clean the registry and have all the drivers up-to-date.  
  • If you still have an issue, Format the hard drive and Re-install the OS once as sometimes it might be an erratic OS as well. I myself had faced such issue.
    Now inspite of all these, if you still have any problem, the motherboard seems to be erratic then, but you should confirm that before you take a decision to buy a new motherboard.
    There could also be a loose connection between the motherboard and the RAM, which could also cause the same problems.The problem could also be due to a dusty RAM slot.

    Clean the entire motherboard and RAM chips thoroughly using Isopropyl alcohol.
    Check after doing so, or else change the RAM chips with working ones or a NEW ones.
    If the problem still exists, then either change the motherboard only, or change the
    complete set of the motherboard, CPU and RAM which might cost you much but you might have no other option. Good Luck!

    Source: Self Exp & Chip